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The Summerton Family — Tom, Greg, Jackie, Georgia and Libby

Okains Bay Longline Fishing Company has always been a progressive company focussed on creating a positive future in the broadest possible sense. The company’s ethos spans far wider than just ethical and sustainable practices, with a vision that looks far beyond the present and immediate future.

Okains Bay Longline Fishing Company is continuously transforming by working on refining fishing methods, creating better working models for staff and creating industry-leading initiatives, such as its carbon offsetting programmes.

This is led by a simple but important belief; that taking care of our precious resources will in turn take care of our people and future generations.

Toi Tu te marae o Tangaroa.
Toi Tu te iwi.

If the fishing resources of Tangaroa are managed and survive, the people shall flourish and survive.

Leanne Summerton

Leanne Summerton

We are a family

Greg’s extended family play a major role in the company which is a main reason that strong and long-standing core values permeate throughout the company. Alongside Greg, his sister Leanne has been a part of Okains Bay Longline Fishing Company since the beginning. As accounts manager, she has played a big part in supporting the company as it has continued to grow and change. Greg’s children have more recently become involved in the business, all sharing similar passions in working towards creating a more sustainable future for our planet.  

There is a strong desire to ensure the Summerton family legacy continues deep into the future. Family values are what guide decisions and it is these values that will guide the business as it continues to grow and adapt.

Industry Leaders

Okains Bay Longline Fishing Company’s methods and business model are by no means the easy way. They require real effort with no shortcuts, maintaining high quality standards both internally and externally of the business. Greg alongside his team have dedicated over 30 years to creating a way of operating that combines the aspects of a thriving, premium quality fishing company that is socially conscious and environmentally sustainable.

The company is committed to continuing to lead, refine practices, and ensure it is constantly innovating in order to continue to make a positive impact on the environment and its people. This is achieved by constantly challenging the way things are done in the industry and setting a high standard for others to follow.

Carbon Neutral

Okains Bay Longline Fishing Company is constantly looking for ways to minimise its impact on the environment, by making decisions in every area of the business that are best for the planet, be it out at sea or on the land.

Waikene Station joined the Okains Bay Seafood group in 2010. The property is a 5,500-acre high country station and is a unique carbon farm where native New Zealand trees are supported to regenerate.

As well as this, the farm is home to 1,100 beehives used to produce pure Manuka honey from the abundant wild bush. From this honey, Okains Bay offers a premium product called Moa Hunter Pure Manuka Honey.

Waikene Station plays a major part in the ongoing sustainability goals to reduce the company’s footprint on the environment. The company uses the land in a proactive and sustainable way and hopes to see New Zealand’s wealth of green spaces utilised in the same way more commonly in the future.

To get there we strive to make the decisions in every area of our business that are best for the planet, be it out at sea or on land. Waikene Station was purchased by Okains Bay Seafood in 2010.   

Just like the ocean, the land needs to be protected in order for future generations to live healthy and abundant lives.

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