Okains Bay


Today, Okains Bay Seafood is one of New Zealand’s largest privately-owned fishing companies, consisting of a core team of five ground staff and 16 crew members aboard their fishing vessel – the Kawatea. The Okains Bay team is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality fish product.

Looking after our people

Being an island nation, fishing has long been a way of life for New Zealanders providing both sustenance and employment. 

Fishing is hard work for all the staff involved. The team is a family who are looked after well and are provided with comprehensive risk training, support and advice to keep them safe at sea and on shore.

Staff wages are directly aligned with market returns. This means staff are able to be paid significantly more than other fishing companies. This results in a stable, happy workforce, with positive consequences for their families and communities. 

Staff are offered an additional education grant on top of their normal salary which contributes to their children’s education costs.

Global Retail Presence

Okains Bay are proud to supply our premium fish products to a discerning audience through one of the largest global supermarket chains. Our unique offering and brand story has been a huge part of our global growth.

About Potting

Like his ancestors, Greg harvests fish using the traditional method of potting. This allows for the ethical harvest of fish from our waters while delivering a product of the highest quality.

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Our potting method allows for the most sustainable harvesting of fish stock while harming zero birds, mammals or other fish species. A complete reduction in impact on these groups ensures their populations stay healthy for the future.

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